Systems Atlanta's Drone Sentry System is designed to detect unauthorized drone intrusions. Its key advantage is the ability to implement wide area coverage with minimal infrastructure implications.

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The key to the system is an array of sensors which continuously listen for the characteristic RF emissions from common consumer drones. The sensors communicate to the Drone Sentry software which further analyses these signals. When a threat has been detected, the software provides a clear indication of the type and location of the threat on the display screen. The software also issues email alerts to a list of recipients.


 Systems Atlanta Inc SAI and Version 2 V2 Joint Drone Detection Solution

Some drone detection systems have an unacceptable number of false detects and nuisance alarms caused by birds. As a result, an alert can be disregarded by personnel with serious results. The Drone Sentry system is free of this problem. The system can only detect drones with emit the characteristic RF signature. Probability for detection of common drones such as the DJI Phantom 3, and the Parrot AR 2.0 approaches 100%. The system will continue to function even in the unlikely event of a single, or even multiple sensor failure.