The IDS5 System Administrator and Advanced Maintenance (SAAM) Workshop is conducted on-site at your location and is a comprehensive, five-day class that covers critical aspects of IDS5 database design, development, and maintenance. The SAAM workshop is designed to incorporate a refresher course for individuals who have previously taken the full IDS5 System Administrator training course. Half of the course will be dedicated to IDS5 System Administrator preparation by providing skill-building exercises and hands-on development using workshop lab workstations provided by SAI.

SAAM Workshop attendees will learn how to effectively create, customize, maintain, and manage their IDS5 database. The remaining half of the course will be dedicated to IDS5 Advanced Maintenance preparation by teaching necessary skills to maintain and restore the IDS5 system. Maintenance scenarios will involve fault isolation and restoration procedures during hands-on exercises conducted by an SAI instructor.

The goal of the SAAM Workshop is to optimize the use of system capabilities, features, and problem solving techniques in the best way possible for each customer. SAAM Workshop sessions are conducted by an SAI Instructor, who is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) with a broad range of expertise, experience, and interaction with customers worldwide.

The SAAM Workshop consists of instructor presentations and hands-on laboratory activities to reinforce each student‘s learning and experience with IDS5. Each student has their own dedicated IDS5 workstation and will receive the appropriate IDS5 workshop materials as determined by SAI at the beginning of the course.