eIDS6 Information Display SystemThe world leader in Information Dissemination Systems raises the level of technology once again: introducing eIDS6 powered by NIMBUS™ technology, only from Systems Atlanta. Experience the future with a taste of NextGEN capability. This is true enterprise technology with numerous advantages in dissemination, assimilation, and aggregation of all the data you need to decrease operator workload and increase situational awareness.

Our NIMBUS enterprise technology deploys your data across the NAS. We can even implement your solution in the cloud to reduce your resource investments and maintenance costs. eIDS6, powered by NIMBUS, delivers your information customized to your exact requirements for unparalleled situational awareness, regardless of the data needs of your organization (weather, NOTAMS, flight data, surface surveillance, traffic information, etc.), how you want the data displayed (text, images, or animated graphics), the hardware platform on which you run (desktop, tablet, smart phone), or the source of the data (local or enterprise, collected from local sensors or external services).

eids6-powered by-nimus-small

eIDS6 moves you from a fixed-page IDS technology to an incredibly powerful capability that opens up a host of advancements:

  • Receive data from multiple sources, both now and in the future, displayed the way you want it with a user-defined catalog of information.
  • Choose from a variety of graphical interface components like gauges, dials, and scales that communicate data quickly.
  • Your eIDS6 display pages can be designed, maintained, and distributed from anywhere in the enterprise using NIMBUS technology.
  • Access and consolidate data from multiple NextGEN systems across the NAS and reduce the number of dedicated displays.

The NAS is moving toward NextGEN technology. Are you ready? With eIDS6, powered by NIMBUS, from Systems Atlanta, you'll be way ahead.