• IDS Pioneer
    Improve workflow, user satisfaction, security and responsiveness with a powerful, scalable solution that puts the control in your hands.
    IDS Pioneer
  • Air Traffic Management
    Complex information management needs demand flexibility, expertise and sophistication. Get the total solution designed with your challenges in mind.
    Air Traffic Management
  • Emergency Management
    When everything is on the line, nothing should be left to chance. Streamline your emergency operations with a total solution that takes the pressure off of you.
    Emergency Management
  • Software Engineering
    With vast coding experience and a customized Agile development environment, our programming services adjust to your needs.
    Software Engineering
  • Systems Integration
    Maintain the security, reliability and connectedness of your systems with our pioneering integration processes and expertise.
    Systems Integration
  • Training
    Get the hands-on experience to turn our systems into your systems. Our training solutions give you the skills to harness the full power of IDS5.


eIDS6 Powered by NIMBUS 

Systems Atlanta’s newest IDS solution, eIDS6, suppo....


Leading the Way in IDS Technology

Every Operational environment is different, yet the challenges are....


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Systems Atlanta is dedicated to providing quality support for all of our customers. If you have any ques....


In-house Training

Systems Administrator Course

·         June 3 - 6


Blue Bird

Blue Bird


You face complex decisions every day. Identifying the right solutions for your facility doesn’t have to be one of them.

Blue Bird is Systems Atlanta, Inc.'s (SAI) newest solution of products, services, and support to fully envelope all the graphical and data needs related to your installation's mission. Blue Bird, by SAI, captures the flow of mission critical information when it happens, where it happens, and how it happens.




Information Now - at your Fingertips

This is not your old school system of white-board, markers, magnets or 3-ring binders. Systems Atlanta's Information Display System for Emergency Management (IDS-EM) is a time and life-saving technology that provides ARFF responders the specific information they need right now, to make critical decisions that can impact the safety of the flying public and other users of your airport

Take a look at our ARFF video to see what IDS-EM can do for you!


“IDS5 has transformed our airport from a well-oiled machine to a state of the art piece of technology.  When outsiders tour our facilities and see the IDS5 for the first time and learn what it does for us, the response is always the same, 'WOW, I want that' they say."

IDS5 Database Administrator
Fort Drum, NY